Welcome Back to the House of Worship

Finally, after more than 60 weeks of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we praise God for giving us the opportunity to reopen and meet in person to worship Him in His House of Worship on May 8, 2021. It is, therefore, with great joy and thanksgiving that on behalf of the pastoral staff, I welcome you back, beloved members of LLFC, to gather together for worship and fellowship. To safely enjoy our worship gathering, I strongly urge you to register by clicking “In Person Worship Registration” located at the upper right corner of this page or the link directly below and choose “Select A Date” to register for the Sabbath you wish to attend. Let us pray that God will richly bless us by His Presence, as we resume our worship and fellowship experiences together. Also, please observe the guidelines on wearing face masks, social distancing, and the other requirements for maximum safety. If you have any question(s), please feel free to contact the pastoral staff or other elders of LLFC. Again, welcome back to God’s House of Worship.

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